Meet the Expert


Dan Carr

Founder and Director of WestWind Surfaces


Dan Carr

Dan Carr’s expertise makes WestWind Surfaces stand out as the premier custom footing company, unique to the industry with his dedication to quality and safety at the forefront of his reputation.

Combining his vast knowledge of architecture, design and footing properties, Dan creates projects for many of the most influential organizations and top equestrians in the industry. Satisfied clients include Ben Maher, Jane Forbes Clark, Margaret Duprey, Christine and John McCrea, Sean Crooks and Norman Dello Joio, the United States Equestrian Team Foundation, Savannah College of Art and Design and many more.

With over 20 years of experience and over 2000 arenas completed, Dan develops customized footing solutions based on your individual needs. With his team of qualified experts, Dan personally
oversees each project from start to finish to ensure all specifications are met and exceeded.

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Company Profile

Spearheaded by footing specialist Dan Carr, WestWind Surfaces is the leader in custom footing with the goal to consistently exceed clients’ expectations. To this end, each arena is designed with the best products appropriate to the local environment conditions, discipline and maintenance plans. WestWind Surfaces produces superior riding surfaces for all equestrian disciplines, and continues to stay on the cutting edge of advancements in the industry.

Benefits of WestWind Custom Footing


Each arena is designed to minimize dust, increase water storage and maximize the benefits of using the highest quality materials to ensure the best footing for your horses.

Enhanced Performance

Each equestrian discipline has different needs. We understand this. Our custom footing provides the ideal density and elasticity required for your specific needs.

Environmental Challenges

Many environmental factors are often overlooked in arena planning. Our one-on-one customer service allows us to design footing that will withstand the dynamics unique to your region.